Creative Uses of Shelf Systems For Organizing the Home and Office

If you visit most homes or offices, shelf systems are typically piled with books and magazines in a way appears messy and disorganized. Because shelves often occupy a great deal of space, the clutter can bring a cluttered look to the entire room. But shelf systems don’t need to be an eyesore! The first step in creating a more aesthetically pleasing look is to start with the shelf system itself. A floating shelf or a wider floating mantle shelf allow you to increase the visible presence of the shelf and improves its usability. Next, there are ways that you can arrange objects on the shelf that bring a more decorative look to your home or office space.

Decorative Shelf Systems

Instead of packing your shelves with just books or magazines, use bookends to segment literature and incorporate some decorative pieces between. Small sculptures and pieces of artwork appear prestigious and add a sense of elegance when they are positioned onto a floating shelf. A wide floating mantle shelf is a great spot to display family photos. You can stay strictly to photos in decorative frames or add artistic candles and pottery to add interest to the otherwise sharp geometrical shapes.

Visually Pleasing Organization
Shelving is a fantastic way to bring a sense of chic organization to your home or office. Instead of piling shelves full of books, binders, and magazines, add trendy wicker or sea grass baskets on a floating shelf. If organized in pretty, attractive storage containers, shelves can hold stationary supplies and other little things that have a habit of disappearing in desk drawers.

If you select the appropriate size basket and add them to a floating mantle shelf, they are perfect for media storage and business card holders. Interesting cups and vases make finding pens and pencils so much easier than digging in desk drawers and look amazing also. Larger, rectangular containers or decorative in/out bins can be used to hide files, paperwork, and bills.

Customizable Desks and Tables
Shelf systems also make a great home for equipment and electronics. Not only can you customize the spacing and location of the shelf system to meet your needs perfectly, shelving occupies less floor space than traditional desks and tables. A smaller floating shelf works perfectly for a phone table particularly in places such as a small entryway, or behind a desk where space is a premium. To add some additional decor to the shelf, add miniature potted plants or a small pen set and stationary for notes.

A floating mantle shelf works great for ‘holding’ wall mounted LCD and plasma TVs. One of the biggest trends is to add a decorative frame to the cabinet of the TV and accenting it on either side with ornamental plates or glassware. The TV looks more like a picture rather than a big piece of plastic stuck in the middle of a bare wall. Using a combination of different shelf sizes together on the wall makes an excellent computer desk that can be adjusted to fit the space available as well as the needs of the equipment.

Shelf systems are more than simple functional items added into your home or office. With a little creativity, you can simply enhance the look and feel of a room or make the space more organized and easier to use.

Tips on Changing the Look of Your Home Through Decorating Rather Than Remodeling

Styles and tastes change with most people about every decade or so. How they decorated their home in the 80′s is surely different than what their home looks like now. As these changes occur and the need to change things up in your home happen, there are many ways homeowners can get a totally new look without having to do any major construction or remodeling. Just by changing the decorating and replacing the Bernhardt furniture with Aico furniture as well as some other ideas can make all of the difference in the world.

This article will give ideas to completely change your bedroom as well as your family room by simply changing the decor. The bedroom is usually the last place people think about spending time and money on. Many people feel that no one will see it except them, so why bother doing much to the room. But having a nice relaxing bedroom space is a great idea to have that oasis to go to and to also appeal to buyers if you have to sell your home.

Depending on your budget, the bed is typically the focal point of the bedroom. If you have the funds then purchasing a beautiful bed will be a spectacular way to change the look of your room. Whether it is a traditional cherry sleigh bed or a unique iron canopy bed, pick this piece before you do anything else in the room. If your budget is lower, buying or making a beautiful headboard can make a great statement. Some inexpensive wood and some beautiful fabric and batting is all you need to make a custom made headboard look like thousands of dollars. Make sure to buy new bedding for the new bed and then coordinate the paint color, window treatments and accessories to have a cohesive look.

Changing out the style of your family room may be a bit of a larger job. If your furniture is fairly classic but has a dated upholstery on it, you may just need to change the look of it by replacing the fabric on it, rather than buying a whole new piece. Often times, some people buy furniture that is trendy and current at the time and those are the pieces that usually have to be replaced when changing the look of your room. First decide what type of look you are going for: modern and contemporary, traditional, old world Italian are just some examples. Then use a graph diagram when going to buy the furniture to be sure you buy the correct scale and that it will fit. There is nothing worse than furniture that is too big for a room.

Follow up the furniture purchases by repainting the walls, replacing the window treatments and adding fun decorative pieces. Changing out the type of flooring will also update the space. If you have an older home, often there is hardwood flooring underneath carpet or even linoleum flooring so that can be a great way to change up the look.